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Software Development

Our competent team at hOLLO possesses expertise in development technologies over a wide range of custom programming platforms including Java/J2EE and PHP among others. During the different phases of development, all aspects of your project are given due consideration. Equal importance is given to the presentation and the technology of particular software. Through testing process is conducted to avoid any flaws or mal-functioning. hOLLO also offers life-long maintenance for your software.



Technical & Network Support 

hOLLO offers technical support services allowing organizations to offer the highest level of services, while lowering costs to their business. Whether you need technical support for Laptops, computers, Servers, Networks, Software products or other technical products, we have the experience you can depend on.



Web Development & Design

At hOLLO , we offer fully customized web development service based on the client's requirements and their business goals. We make the right use of modern technologies like PHP,HTML, Ajax, Flash, Flex, Cold fusion etc. and high quality of creativity. We develop custom web applications which not only establish easy and effective interaction with your customers but also make you one of the industry leaders.




We at hOLLO create technology-driven business solutions to help businesses transact with customers and suppliers efficiently; reach out to newer markets; generate healthier, higher revenues and manage the complete sales process online. From setting up online shops and generating product databases to providing a host of services such as secure transactions, order tracking, discount functions, currency conversion and tax/shipping calculations – we can take care of all your e-commerce needs.



Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

hOLLO's Data Analytic services help clients to extract valuable insights from their historical data in order to help them in making better business decisions to disprove or verify existing models or theories. we incorporate techniques from database management, pattern recognition and statistics in our work. The challenge of digging knowledge from data pulls upon research in statistics, databases, pattern recognition, machine learning, data visualization, optimization and high-performance computing to deliver radical business intelligence.



Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

Our skilled team, with its experience will combine strategies and technology to help establish your presences on the web. We will work together with you to understand your goals, plan out a robust process to achieve productive results. We take care of the complete website providing you with all kinds of services right from designing to content writing to search engine services.


Welcome to our hOLLO

hOLLO offshore software development center in India offers its clients flexible commercial engagement models that result in direct savings on software development and maintenance. Our proven expertise in software application development in 20 odd business verticals for more than 3 years makes us a reliable partner for off-shoring


we currently have skilled and domain specific professionals across the world, working across 4 time zones with 3 years of domain expertise and a track record of 20+ client projects delivered successfully.


Customer satisfaction is the key role of hOLLO, we deliver satisfactory to the client at any cost.


hOLLO deliver 24*7 service to client. we are available at help desk to help out the services in technical, Network, software support.

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At hOLLO, our mission is to be "engaging, always." We're always looking for people who share their creative idea with us and we will implement that and the person will be part of a team that delivers on that promise.

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22-76, 10th md, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

+996 (312) 56-33-71